Religious Education


At St Thomas More’s, Religious Education provides the foundation from which all other learning is derived. Therefore, we provide a curriculum that reflects a Catholic ethos, and a learning environment which affirms holistic education. Religious Education is taught at a formal level and integrated into other areas of learning.

With St. Thomas More as our model of loyalty, faith and courage we believe-

  • that Religious Education draws its inspiration from the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Church
  • the program is relevant to and respectful of the level of the children’s religious understanding, maturity and life experiences
  • Religious Education is based on the dignity and worth of each individual
  • that Religious Education provides a Catholic ethos that permeates all aspects of school life
  • it is important our policy recognises that Religious Education is a lifelong process
  • our school’s mission is to provide quality education within a Catholic framework in partnership with parents and the wider community