The Sacramental Program

At St Thomas More we believe that parents are the primary faith educators of their children. Therefore, we play a significant role in supporting parents by providing opportunities for faith to grow.

We have a strong Sacramental Program which operates from Prep to Year Six.

In Prep, we begin the Sacramental journey with Prep Prayers in Pyjamas. This is an evening focused on the importance of prayer in our lives. The students enjoy activities at a special evening where they come dressed in their pyjamas with their parents.

In Year One/Two, the students participate in a Baptism Renewal Evening. At this special evening the students reflect on their Baptism and renew the baptismal promises that their parents made for them on their behalf. In this way, the students begin to take an active responsibility for their faith commitment and development.

The Sacramental Program for Reconciliation and Eucharist occurs in Year Three.

The preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation culminates in Year Six.

The Sacramental Program incorporates parent information nights, family participation in workshop evenings, retreat and preparation days and the celebration of the Sacrament itself.