Every child
At STM we recognise that every child is special and unique – and make every effort to cater for the individual needs of every child within our school community. While the majority of our students come from a Catholic background, we are inclusive of students from a range of different faith backgrounds.

Faith Education
At STM we actively promote the faith development of students in an environment where prayer and sacramental celebrations are structured into the school’s day-to-day activities. Within our Religious Education programs we encourage children to share their stories and welcome dialogue between students of different faith backgrounds.

Excellence in Catholic Education
High expectations and priority are placed on service to the community, and a firm commitment is made to nurturing a school community that not only encourages and celebrates intellectual achievement and academic excellence but also participation, leadership and achievement in other fields – sports, the arts, and citizenship activities.


Catholic education is strongly committed to the principles of social justice and the dignity of the human person. At STM we make it a priority, therefore, to create an environment in which all parents and families feel welcomed, valued and supported.