Parent’s Association

The Parent’s Association dual focus is to raise funds which contribute to the efficient running of the school, and to promote a sense of community within the parent body. The Parent’s Association meets regularly to develop, plan and review social and other (eg working bees) functions. The Parent’s Association contributes to the input of the PEB via its 2 PEB reps and President.

It is important to understand that the PA sits within an umbrella of subgroups within the School and Parish. The Parish Priest, under Canon Law, is responsible for the running of the Parish, which includes the School. At STM, the PEB which is comprised of a number of representative groups, provides the prime input to the Parish Priest. (adapted from the Current PEB Guidelines)

The Parish Education Board acts as a forum for discussion on matters concerning education in the Parish. As indicated it brings together a spirit of cooperation, Parish Priest, Principal, representatives of Parents, teachers, cathecists and other groups involved with education in the Parish so that responsible informed advice can be given to the Parish Priest and Principal.

PA report presented to the PEB The PEB meets each month generally subject to PP availability. The PA President is required to present a synopsis of minutes from the PA Meetings. The report includes planned events, acknowledgements of appreciation, financial report and any general business concerns.

Family Fun Festival:
This is the event everyone at STM loves the most! This carnival event is held every two years. The Parents’ Association does an enormous job in organising this night.


Committee Positions