STM Basketball Club welcomes all students and families to be a part of the association. Basketball is a fantastic game, which encourages concentration, agility, sportsperson ship, good fun and lots of energy. We want our players and their families to really embrace the opportunities which sports provides, on a social, team and interpersonal level.

The STM Basketball Club Committee is group of committed parents who volunteer their free time readily to help support the children and their families to engage in this wonderful sport, which brings such joy and challenges, and I would like to recognise and thank them for their support in ensuring STM Basketball participation happens each year.

We hope these links will be useful for you as well as providing you with some additional resources, such as training regimes, school holiday and after school programs, all designed for skill development for all existing and new players.

If you would like to contact us via email, please send it to

Happy playing, Go Storm!
STM Basketball Club Committee President

Click on the link for Frankston Basketaball Website

Click on the links below for Basketball documents: