Parent Partnerships

Parents and staff work in partnership, bound by common beliefs and values, in a spirit of mutual support and encouragement. The school is open and friendly and invites active participation in the many educational, social and fundraising activities that it conducts throughout each year. Your family is warmly welcomed to our school and it is hoped that your association with us is happy and productive.

We also recognise that parents, and the home environment they create, are the single most important factor in shaping their children’s achievements and prospects. Research has shown that in order to raise achievement, parents need to be both involved in schools and engaged in learning (Harris and Goodall; 2007)

What you can do to help your child at school:

Faith development

  • Attend school and parish liturgies and Masses, sacramental education and faith development evenings.
  • Participate in and discuss religious education learning activities and social justice initiatives.
  • Encourage respectful conversations about faith, beliefs and values.
  • Build a partnership with the school and teachers to support your child’s faith and learning.


  • Encourage your child to take increasing responsibility for their learning and organisational skills.
  • Talk to your child about their learning and progress, using the language you know best. In conversations with your child, encourage respectful listening and sharing of opinions, beliefs and feelings.
  • Establish regular contact with your child’s teacher to discuss their learning and progress, and share knowledge of your child and how they learn.
  • Encourage reading by setting an example – reading yourself.
  • Read to your child and listen to your child’s reading.
  • Discuss the content of what has been read with your child and ask to see any work they complete in response to these books.


  • Encourage a balanced diet, regular routines, sufficient sleep and regular physical activity.
  • Encourage positive attitudes, values and behaviours such as courtesy, confidence, persistence and ‘doing your best’.
  • Celebrate your child’s successes.
  • Encourage self-management, independence and resilience. Talk to your child’s teacher about how you can support the school’s focus on these important life skills.
  • Help your child balance the amount of time spent in school work and play.

School activities

  • Attend school events, displays or productions in which your child is involved.
  • Become involved in school community activities through the parent association, parent education programs, excursions and classroom assistance.