STM Leadership Programs

At St Thomas More Primary School the opportunity for leadership plays an important role in the holistic development of our students. Through our leadership programs, we aim to prepare our students to be confident leaders who act with respect, empathy and integrity.

There are many opportunities for students to take on leadership roles in our school.  At the beginning of each year, two students from each class are nominated to be part of our Student Representative Council. This provides a wonderful opportunity for students from Prep – Year 5 to step into a leadership role. The SRC meet approximately once a month to discuss issues that are relevant to our student body. The SRC are involved in a range of wellbeing projects throughout the year, such as supporting students on the playground, promoting child safety and providing a voice for the students in their class.

Every Year 6 student at St Thomas More has the opportunity to take on a leadership role in their final year of school. There are many positions available for our Year 6 leaders which allow students to pursue areas of passion as they develop important leadership skills.

Our Year 6 Student Leadership Positions include-

  • School Captains and Vice Captains
  • Faith Leaders
  • Sport Leaders
  • Performing Arts Leaders
  • Visual Arts Leaders
  • Technology Leaders
  • Sustainability Leaders