Student Wellbeing 

“Everything we do is about building optimistic, resilient young people of faith,

ready to be effective members of community,

contributing to and enriching the world around them”.  

                                                                                 Catholic Education Melbourne


Student Wellbeing has always been a major focus in our school. We recognise that students whose physical, social, emotional or spiritual wellbeing is poor may have difficulty achieving academic excellence. Because we build respectful relationships between students and between students and staff, wellbeing is embedded in all that we do. Being inclusive and looking for the good in others relates to both student wellbeing and Gospel values. Equally, forgiveness and acceptance are values that Jesus modelled and are ones that contribute to student wellbeing.

Our four key values, (respect, integrity, collaboration and innovation) serve as a focus for what we strive toward, for both our students and our staff. These values affect the way that we teach and the way that we interact with the students, the parents and each other. We believe that the consistent and constant reinforcement of the importance of the core values empowers the students in their learning, their personal wellbeing and in their faith.

We believe that students who feel positive about themselves are far more inclined to cultivate respectful relationships and more likely to be committed to academic success.