Positive Online Behaviour



We will use friendly language when sending emails.

We respect other people that we email and we won’t send nasty messages.

We will tell our teacher or parents if we receive frightening or bullying messages or any message with inappropriate content.

We will tell a teacher or a parent if we ever feel uncomfortable about anything we see or hear on the Internet.

We will only send email to people that we know.

We will not share personal information – including our name, home address, email, home and mobile numbers.

We will keep our passwords private.

We will not send photographs of ourselves or friends to anyone on the internet without asking permission from them first.

We will not use other people’s email to send messages (this includes our friends’ email and our parents’ email).

We agree not to visit sites that we know we shouldn’t.

If we accidentally come across a site that is inappropriate we will tell an adult immediately.

We will not download files at school and we will ask our parents before downloading files at home.

We will ask our parents before entering competitions or signing up for things online.

During lessons we will only visit sites that our teacher has agreed to.

We know that an online friend is a stranger in the real world so we will never arrange to meet someone we have met via the internet without our parents’/carers’ permission.

We will not open files from people that we do not know.