Through learning mathematics at St Thomas More’s, students will:

  • Acquire mathematical skills and knowledge so they can deal confidently and competently with daily life.
  • Develop knowledge and skills in using mathematics for further study and interest.
  • Use technology appropriately and effectively to support the learning of mathematics, and in carrying out mathematical activities in context.
  • Solve practical problems with mathematics.
  • Foster the ability to persevere, think laterally and take risks when they take on a mathematical challenge.
  • See mathematical connections and be able to apply mathematical concepts, skills and processes in posing and solving mathematical problems.
  • Be confident in one’s personal knowledge of mathematics, to feel able both to apply it, and to acquire new knowledge and skills when needed.
  • To understand the dynamic role of mathematics in society.

The boys are competing in a maths challenge. This formed part of our Maths evening, where children had the opportunity to share their learning with their parents whilst investigating some new maths games and sharing some they already knew.