Physical education is a very important part of our curriculum. We have a specialist PE class taught by our PE teacher each week, and we also have a PE lesson taught by class teachers each week. The aim of the program is to develop in students:

  • an understanding that health has physical, social and emotional dimensions 
  • experience as a skilled participant in play, games, dance, sport, outdoor activities and recreation.
  • a life long interest in heath and physical pursuits

We have a sports day and swimming sports each year and this gives the opportunity for children to compete against their school friends. The children also have the chance to further their ability by going to district, zone, regional and then maybe state and national titles or the Olympics. Aim high.
We have a cross country, fun run and inter school sports each year as well.
We have a strong sporting community and children at St Thomas More are able to be involved in after schools sports such as netball and basketball run by parents.

District Athletics