Teaching and Learning

 At St Thomas More we are committed to excellence in Catholic education. We aim to achieve the highest standards possible for our students by using data, research and evidence to ensure progress and growth in learning for all.


At St. Thomas More’s, we believe that children learn most effectively when:

  • they feel happy and secure
  • they are confident that they will be successful learners
  • they are learning at their own rate and readiness levels
  • they view mistakes and risk taking as part of the learning process
  • they are actively involved in decisions about their learning
  • they are able to observe good modelling from teachers and peers
  • they have opportunities to collaborate and learn from each other

We believe that teaching is most effective when:

  • there is an atmosphere of mutual respect and co-operation
  • there are challenging and purposeful learning experiences
  • there is encouragement for effort and achievement
  • learning experiences are targeted at student’s point of need
  • there are options for children to guide the learning process
  • a wide range of contemporary resources are available